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Hello All, Thanks for dropping by. I'll talk few things about myself and what I do as a wedding photographer. I believe your wedding day should be a day to remember and by that, I mean the whole day. What I try to do is capture the vibe of the day. I'll come in as early as possible and then follow the preparation, getting ready, ceremony, portraits, reception and the crazy dancing afterwards. Where a lot of photographers offers few hours of service. I rarely shoot less than 8 hrs, So I will stay until you ask me to leave. So that I don't miss any moment that is important. 

I shoot a lot of candids, capturing things you probably will be too busy to notice. If I see an unexpected photo opportunity during the day, I will tell you, but most of the time you won't notice me at all. You won't see me creating moments but instead, I capture that moment because that is the moment that matters. 

Lastly, I tend to have a more natural approach to portraits and couple shoot since most people don't want to pose for hours anyway. 


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